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Choosing Your Trustees: A Critical – But All Too Often Underemphasized — Responsibility

John D. Dadakis, Esq. Partner – Taxation and Wealth Planning at Fox Rothschild
John is one of the country’s leading estate planners and a designer of creative trust structures.
Judith Pearson – Family Office and Trustee Resource Group Leader at Woodruff Sawyer.
Judith is a leading expert on trustee responsibility and liability.

The Estate Planning process focuses primarily on tax planning and the ultimate distribution of the estate. Although all trust documents include provisions on trustees, they typically appear at the end of the document and are treated as more of a “fill in the blank” task.
In fact, the choice of trustees and successor trustees is one of the most important issues in creating an estate plan. Who do you want to take care of your family and your assets after you are gone? Can you think of a more important issue?

Please join us as we review trustee duties and responsibilities and how to select the best trustees for each situation.

October 29, 2020
4:00 PM EDT – 5:00 PM EDT
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